Best Knife Sharpener

While having a great tool for your kitchen is extremely important, it is equally important to have a knife sharpener that parallels the quality of your Kinfe. It can be easily said that even the most durable and sharpest blades require resharpening after some time.

This is because they tend to become bland after long hours of cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing. Hence, having one of the best knife sharpeners available on the market not only helps you to resharpen your knives but directly represents how serious you are in taking care of your kitchen tools. You can always send your knives out to the company to get them resharpened, but let me tell you a thing. You do not want to miss out on the aesthetic pleasure of testing out a blade that you sharpened for yourself just a few minutes ago.

Knife sharpeners can be divided into two main categories, manual and electric. Manual knife sharpeners require technique as you have to work the blade on your own and it comes with practice. On the other hand, electric knife sharpeners are easier to work with. You place the knife inside the sharpener and you get a blade as good as new. Following are some of the best knife sharpeners available in the market:

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15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Professional Knife Sharpener

With three different sharpening slots each having its purpose, Trizor can easily be said as the best knife sharpener available in the market. Starting from the left, there is a honing slot, a sharpening slot, and a polishing slot. Honing and sharpening are done using 100% diamond abrasives whereas polishing is performed using flexible abrasives to give gentle conformity and smoothness. Not only can it convert a 20-degree standard American blade into a razor-sharp 15-degree blade, which is far more efficient than a 20-degree blade, but also completely transforms a dull knife into an effective one. With spring-loaded guides placed to keep the knife stable during sharpening the whole process only takes three minutes. Trizor offers a three-year warranty for its knife sharpener which seems to be a fair bargain for its high price.

Work Sharp Culinary E2 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Alike Trizor, the Work Sharp knife sharpener also has three slots. The leftmost and rightmost slots are electric whereas the middle one is used by enthusiasts to manually perform the art of resharpening. Although Work Sharp and Trizor are brands of the same league but Work Sharp functions in a completely different manner and has a price of almost half of the above mentioned. A timer-oriented button is placed at the bottom of the sharpener. Once switched on, all you have to do is alternatively swipe between the slots until the machine shuts off. The sharpener has serviceable abrasives and the company claims that you sharpen 100 knives before getting it done. Moreover, it also comes with a three-year warranty. Overall, E2 is a great tool as it provides value for money and helps you to maintain your knives in a great manner.

kitchen knives
kitchen knives

ProntoPro Knife Sharpener

As mentioned earlier, apart from electric sharpeners manual sharpeners are also available on the market. One of the greatest finds is ProntoPro. This is a great handheld manual sharpener that allows you to have razor-sharp blades with the least amount of effort. Keeping up with the industrial standard, it also has 100% diamond abrasives and can sharpen both sides of the blade.

It is important to understand that your knife does not always require heavy sharpening. In fact, too much sharpening results in the grinding of metal which in turn leads to reduced life of the knife. You can work your blade with both manual and electric knife sharpeners but make sure that you keep the best technique.