Global Knives

On the lookout for a spot-on knife set for your kitchen? Global knives have got your back! Manufactured using the traditional Japanese technique, global knives can be a great choice for your kitchen tools

Global Knives feature a distinguishing contemporary design and are among the most popular Japanese knife companies operating worldwide. Global knives are known for their reliable products, in fact, it is claimed that the company borrows its knife-making technique from that of a Samurai sword. Henceforth the knives are not only durable but are also extremely sharp.

Global knives company uses the best supply of raw materials to ensure that they produce a blade that is of high quality, sustainable, and perfectly balanced. It is made sure that all the knives made by the company provide an optimal user experience to the consumer. This is also the main reason why a blend of modern technology and ancient traditions is seen at Global knives. The company produces a number of knives each fit for its defined culinary task. Moreover, there is also a dynamic range of kitchen sets to choose from. Following are some of the best products produced by Global Knives.

kitchen knives

Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

An eight-inch blade is an ideal size for a chef’s knife. Perfect for both, a home-based chef or a professional, this knife has got it all. Owing to its eye-catching design, the knife is also extremely popular among aspiring chefs. It is made from an alloy of chromium also known as Cromova 18. This enables the knife to be lightweight but equally performative. The ultra-fine thin blade would be your companion for years. Moreover, the ergonomic handles would ensure that you are not tired even after long cooking sessions.

Global 7-inch Hollow Edge Asian Chef’s Knife

If you are looking for a knife you should know that there is a difference between Asian and Western cutting styles. Keeping this in mind, Global knives have engineered an Asian-style chef’s knife that allows you to work through the cuisine of your choice easily. The essential difference between a Western-style knife and an Asian-style knife is that Western knives are studier and heavy. On the other hand, Asian knives are known to be sharper and lighter but they are fragile. Therefore, having a good technique is a must for this blade. The fact that it is sharper and lighter enables a user to do controlled dicing, slicing, and chopping with high precision.

kitchen knives
kitchen knives

Global Knife Block Set

This is an entry-level kitchen set that you can get right off the market. This includes an 8.25″ carving knife, a 5.5″ vegetable knife, and a 4″ santoku paring knife. Coupled with one of the above-mentioned chef’s knives, this combination has been popular for its performance delivery. The kitchen set features tempered steel handles that are filled with sand to provide balance at every angle. With a quality that is at par with the industrial standard, investing in this knife set can be one of the best decisions to make. Especially because it is very affordable.


Once you have selected your favorite models of Global knives, make sure to take care of them. Always ensure that the knives are stored in a block, eliminating any chances of moisture damage. Similarly, you should know if the knife is dishwasher safe or not. Expert chefs always recommend washing your blades with hands and then wiping them dry.