Jamie Oliver Knives

Jamie Oliver is no doubt a sensation in the world of cuisine and cooking. As one of the best-loved chefs of the time, he remains to enjoy fame and success on television and in publications.

With twelve TV shows airing in more than a hundred nations, he has retailed more than 23 million books on cooking. Jamie Oliver has always encouraged and stimulated individuals to devote more time to enjoying culinary and playing with lovely flavors from fresh elements. When formulating the knives Jamie desired something that would be comfortable and effectual, whatsoever the task. Hence, Jamie Oliver knives deliver like a pro. Ranging from knives for slicing bread, carving meat, or cutting vegetables, these knives serve and perform on each level. Each product that is formed under the Jamie Oliver brand is ratified and approved by Jamie Oliver to make certain that only the finest products are released and sold in stores all over the world.

These knives are wonderfully sharp and smooth which will please you each time you use them in your kitchen space.

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Jamie Oliver 5 Piece Professional Beech Knife Block Set

This 5-piece Jamie Oliver knife block is attractive and functional. It allows quick access to a variety of sharp, high-end kitchen knives housed in a beautiful block of beech wood. Each knife has its name printed on the end of the handle and is neatly housed in the wooden holder so that you can make an easy choice when cooking at home. These knives are wonderfully sharp and smooth which will please you each time you use them in your kitchen space. The knives in the set are full tang and are as follows, 11 cm paring, a 15 cm utility, a 19 cm chef’s, a 20 cm carving, and a 22 cm bread knife. The blades are made of German Stainless steel which is known for its flawless performance.

Jamie Oliver Knives Range Three Piece Knife Set

The knives in this three-piece set are well weighted and balanced so that you can effectively conduct your culinary activities. Similar to the five-piece set, each knife has a name engraved on the back so that you can grab the knife you need just at a glance. This set includes a paring knife of 11 cm, a chef’s knife of 19 cm, and a utility knife of 15 cm. The dimensions of the blades are ideal, therefore, can be even used by a beginner chef. The rounded handles are made out of plastic so that comfort and good grip are guaranteed. These knives are considered dishwasher friendly but the quality might be affected so handwash these knives and wipe them dry.

The great thing about knives from such a brand is that they are designed keeping in mind the difficulties these chefs faced in the early years of their careers. Henceforth, there is no compromise on quality, and great attention is placed on consumer experience.

kitchen knives