Jean Patrique Knives

Jean Patrique is another UK-based company that delivers high-quality products to its consumers

The company is famous for its cookware but knives from Jean Patrique are equally good. A sharp knife is essential for culinary works but it is important to understand that sharpness is not the most important element of a knife. A knife needs to be well balanced, have an effective cutting angle, and should have a comfortable grip. As advertised on their website, Jean Patrique knives have got it all.

Jean Patrique only uses high-quality materials that are procured in a sustainable manner so that less impact is created on the climate. The company also makes certain that its products are durable can be used for long periods of time. Being considerate about the threat of global climate change that we all are facing they have also announced and are committed to reducing and then eliminating extra plastic and packing material in their packages. Some of the best knives produced by Jean Patrique are as follows.

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Jean-Patrique Chopaholic Oriental 3 Piece Chef’s Knife Set

This knife set of three pieces includes an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 6” serrated knife, and a 4” utility knife. With a hollow blade edge, these forged blades can prove to be helpful in all kitchen activities. The blades are made from high carbon stainless steel and can cut through anything. Stainless steel also makes them easy to clean as nothing sticks on the surface of these knives. The set has a matt grey finish that follows through into the handles.

Jean-Patrique Stainless Steel Collection Cheese Knife Set 3 Piece

When cutting through cheese a sturdy grip and a sharp blade are vital to the process. Made from stainless steel this three-piece cheese knife set can be a great help if you regularly work your way with cheese. The set includes a cheese shaver for hard cheese, a general-purpose medium cheese knife, and a soft cheese knife. Moreover, a cheese board is also included to finish all your cutting in a presentable. Apart from years of durability the stainless steel also allows for easy cleaning. You can either wash these by hand or place them in a dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe. The set also has 25 years of warranty. In fact, all products made under the label have a 25 years warranty. This reflects how greatly they value their customer and the confidence they have in their blades.

Jean Patrique produces a wide array of kitchen knives and chefs that you can choose from. The company produces products that are efficient, reliable, and can last years. If you looking for a safe investment, buy a knife set from Jean Patrique!

kitchen knives