Joseph Kitchen knives

Initiated in 2003, Joseph knives was formed by two brothers. Antony and Richard Joseph were looking for business ideas.

They stumbled upon the idea of glass cutting boards however were unable to completely execute it. While they were researching for cutting boards, they came across the knife business and the rest is history. From that day onwards Joseph Joseph is a brand that has known no boundaries. It currently sells over 400 products for kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. 

Joseph Joseph is a brand that has a reputation for its innovative designs and modern thinking. The result of this is knife sets that look like a part of the modern kitchen. Following are some of the best products available by Joseph Joseph. 

kitchen knives

Joseph Joseph Elevate 5-Piece SlimBlock Knife Set

Representing the brand ideology, this five-piece knife set has a futuristic knife block. As the name suggests, this is a slim block far more different than the usual. Due to its compact vertical design, it can be placed even in the tightest spot but accessing a knife would not be an issue. Thus, it is the most practical knife set within small kitchen spaces. The end of the handles is also color-coded to distinguish between each knife. The set comprises a paring knife, a serrated knife, a Santoku knife, a Chef’s knife, and a Bread knife. in addition to this, the block also features inbuilt ceramic sharpeners that keep your knives as new as you bought them. The sharpener contains two ceramic wheels that sharpen and refine the blades almost instantly without any hustle. 

Joseph Joseph Duo 5-Piece Knife Block Set

This knife set is another handy kitchen countertop option that can help you in carrying out your culinary activities. Sharing a similar design as the mentioned, these knives are designed to come in handy in a busy kitchen. The blades are made from stainless steel, resulting in durability and Rockwell hardness. These knives are also color-coded but instead of the end of the handle, the start of the handles is painted red, blue, green, and grey. The knives also have knife rests so that the blade does not touch the surface when placed down. This ensures that hygiene is maintained alongside performance. 

kitchen knives
kitchen knives

Joseph Joseph Elevate Serrated Knife

The elevate series is designed in a manner that the blade stays above the work surface even when placed flat on the countertop. This knife features an innovative ergonomic handle that has a balanced weight. The package comes with a protective cover so that your knife is protected from any sort of damage. The blade is made from Japanese steel and acts as an efficient tool in the kitchen. 

A sidenote to add here, always make sure that you follow proper hygiene procedures to protect your kitchen environment from germs and bacteria.