Kitchen Devils knives

The Kitchen Devils appeared as a brand in the early 1960s and have expanded ever since.

It has earned rapid acknowledgment in the market through the introduction of plastic structures of kitchenware grips and consumer-focused designs. Kitchen Devils now forms part of Fiskars, a widespread corporation and international expert in domestic cutting utensils.

If you need something a bit more compact and for everyday use, Kitchen Devils knives are the way to go. Kitchen Devils has been transforming the lives of many chefs all around the world. The company has its headquarters in the UK has been creating global impact for the past thirty years. Following are some of the products from Kitchen Devil.

kitchen knives

Kitchen Devil Multi-Purpose Knife

This practical and handy knife is made from Japanese steel and is great for maximum tasks you’d be doing day to day in your kitchen space. It’s frivolous and comes with an ergonomically created handle. Consequently, it fits well into your hand, with a finger stop to make certain that you have an intact and safe grip when chopping. It has a serrated blade. A serrated blade is usually used for softer food items so that the center is not squished. With a serration that is highly fine and thin, this blade cannot be restricted to just soft items. The high-quality stainless steel ensures that it slices through all food items like a hot knife placed in butter. It comes with a 10-year warranty and is also dishwasher friendly. 

Kitchen Devils Lifestyle 6 Piece Knife Block Set

As the name suggests, this is a six-piece knife set crafted for providing a chef with the ultimate comfort. Each knife on the set has a high carbon, super sharp blade that can accommodate most if not all of your kitchen preferences. The grip on these knives is indisputably comfortable and provides an optimal level of sturdiness. The weight of the blades is also high balanced, giving you a safe grip and technique. Since the company is a pioneer in plastic grips, the grips of these knives are designed to increase the utility of the consumer, make the blade safe for its users, and also ensure hygiene. The cherry on the top is that these blades are dishwasher-friendly. Hence you need not worry about manually cleaning your knife. Just add them along with your cutlery and your knives will be as good as new when they come out. 


Kitchen Devils has a target audience of most home chefs. Thus, all their products are made by keeping in mind that consumer does not have to worry about maintaining the knives all the time. These knives can survive kitchen preps easily and are also extremely affordable. If you are looking for an inexpensive option that can assist you with all your culinary activities choose Kitchen Devils.

kitchen knives