ZWILLING TWIN Signature knives

Produced in Germany, ZWILLING TWIN Signature knives are precision stamped from a sole wedge of high-quality German steel, which results in lightweight knives that do not negotiate on sharpness. The registered and distinct formula of no-stain steel has been used for over 285 years and is refined and manufactured by the utmost expert artisans.

Like all first-class knives from Zwillings J.A. Henckels, the ritzy partner of Henckels International, the Twin Signature blades are Friodur ice-hardened, manufactured from high-carbon, no-chip steel, and are sharpened with laser technology for a resilient and long-lasting edge. Embossed rather than forged, the knives do not consist of bolsters, which makes them light-weighted than most others in the market. These ice-hardened FRIODUR knife blades start sharper and stay sharp for an extensive period of usage and also have an amazing quality of being stains and rust resistance. This combination of the finest steel and manufacturing expertise claims striking strength and sharpness, so you can relish precision cutting and prep work for an era. To make certain, a perfect cutting angle, the laser-regulated edges are amazingly sharp.

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Zwilling Gourmet Chef knife

The gourmet series is an everyday use series introduced by Zwilling for both home chefs and professionals. The handle is made using three rivets and a noticeable full tang. It is also fashionably bent not only to have a comfortable grip but look chicer. And, for a spot of color, the red Zwilling logo is lastingly embossed on one side.

Zwilling Pro Chef’s Knife

The pro series is designed to intensify performance so that you are second to none. Mostly preferred by professional Kitcheners due to a high price point the knife is something more than razor-sharp. Due to its durability and comfortable handle design, this is one of the best-ranking knives produced by Zwilling. 

Speedy and trouble-free kitchen space hygiene is as vital to us as it is to you. Though it is continually suggested to hand-wash knives in direction of the blade to hold and preserve a knife’s finest cutting edge for an extended period, these knives are suitable for the dishwasher as well. Rust and stain resistant, no mark steel enhances the knife’s remarkable durability and sturdiness. Moreover, you should refrain from exposure to intense temperatures as this can also consequence in the corroding of knives.

Even though it is claimed that these knives do not require any sharpening for years, it is still better to sharpen your knife once in a while. You can hone your knife also through a ceramic rod, by gradually pulling the blade across the rod with light pressure, or you can use a Japanese wet stone.

kitchen knives