Ceramic Knives

If you are looking for a hybrid tool that can cover most if not all of your kitchen needs, a Ceramic Knife is the way to go.

Lightest, Sharpest, and Durable are the three words that perfectly define a Ceramic Knife. Ceramic blades are made from a compound called zirconium oxide. Zirconia is sintered using processes such as firing and dry-pressing which results in a blade that is extremely sharp and has an edge that is even harder than a steel knife. If compared on Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Ceramic Blades have a rating of 8.5 in comparison to normal steel which only has a rating of 4.5.

 Not only is a ceramic knife great for slicing and dicing with precision but is also wear-resistant and rust-proof. Thus, owing to their all-around capabilities ceramic knives are a great alternative to steel knives. You can buy a knife of your choice individually or a complete ceramic kitchen knife set as well. Following are some of the best Ceramic tools available on the market.

kitchen knives

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Set:

The Kyocera knife set consists of four pieces, a 6-inch chef knife, a 5.5-inch Santoku, a 4.5 utility knife, and a 3-inch paring knife. These knives are made of black ceramic blades that are extremely sharp and durable. Moreover, the black ergonomic handles also add to the overall color scheme. Kyocera offers a lifetime warranty for these blades and has even added a safety feature i.e., rounded back and tip, to prevent breakage of the blade. While the blade does not require any resharpening for a long time, Kyocera recommends its buyers get the blades resharpened exclusively from them. 

Voov Professional Set:

If you are looking for a complete kitchen set that even includes a serrated ceramic knife, this five-piece Voov professional set is the knife set you need. Crafted with high precision, these knives come with a one-year warranty and cutting board as well. In addition to this, the company also offers a satisfaction guarantee which allows the consumers to return the knives if not satisfied. With a mid-range price point and such great extras, Voov professional set is a great deal-breaker.

kitchen knives
kitchen knives

WACOOL Knife Set:

If you do not want to buy an extensive knife set then the Wacool knife set is the option to go with. This knife set includes a four-inch paring knife, a five-inch utility knife, and a six-inch chef’s knife. This minimalistic package can easily assist you with your kitchen needs while being extremely affordable. The set comes in two color variants, black and multicolored. The ergonomic handles also provide a great grip to its users and are extremely comfortable for long hours of kitchen work.  

Apart from complete kitchen sets, you can also buy individual knifes such as a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, or a sparing knife from these brands and they would perform equally well.

In comparison to their steel counterparts, Ceramic knives are extremely lightweight as a result it makes them very easy to handle. It is claimed that a ceramic knife weighs only half when compared to a steel blade. This can be of great use however, let me remind you that if you a knife is too light, it would eventually cause great stress on your arm. Hence choosing a ceramic knife with a balanced weight is of vital importance. 

Although Ceramic Knives are super sharp and wear-resistant, they are also brittle. This means if not taken care of, the blade can easily get chipped. It is advised that you do not place your ceramic tools in a dishwasher rather wash them by hand. Moreover, some chefs also suggest not to use a ceramic knife while working with anything that has bones or seeds as they are susceptible to getting chipped. Lastly, these require professional sharpening. Thus, after some time you would have to send your knives back to the company.

Overall, ceramic knives can be a great aid to your kitchen but they require great care. Hence, you should only invest in them if you can manage them. Ceramic knives are great for simple kitchen tasks, you can always have a steel knife set for intensive kitchen activities and do light preps with the ceramic knives. Essentially, you would be experiencing the best of both worlds.